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The BTRexp Company is founded in 2008 in the municipal of Boljevac – Serbia. The construction of the furnace for the production of high-quality charcoal according to the most advanced technology was completed in 2009 with the support of local authorities and the SIEPA agency. Our aims, the availability of qualitative raw material, profitability of production process, exceptional quality of charcoal, direct contact with the buyer and protection of life environments have been entirely accomplished.

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Harmony of social aims and the aims of protecting the human environment was the challenge that we overcame. BTRexp aspire to achieve the leader position in high-quality charcoal production in the region. The increase of marketing rate of our products into the market of EU is our primary goal.

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If we want to save nature, we should listen to the voice of the nature.

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BTRexp d.o.o.

Mirovski put b.b.
19370 Boljevac

tel. +381 34 591 222
fax. +381 34 591 223